Space strategy sets ambitious targets for Finnish space activities 

Finland’s national space strategy was updated in autumn 2018 to reflect the major transformation taking place in the sector. The so-called New Space Economy is shaping the industry with the introduction of small satellites and private launching services that enable more affordable and easier access to space, as well as new globally scalable business models. This transformation fundamentally changes the space industry actors, roles and practices. New private service providers complement the satellite systems funded and operated by public organisations. Finland’s expertise and competence have, over the decades, reached an internationally competitive level; this is something that Finland will benefit from in the global transformation of the space industry.

The objective of the space strategy is that in 2025 Finland is the world’s most attractive and agile space business environment that benefits all companies operating here.

Specific measures have been identified to support the achievement of this objective. The measures are divided into three themes:

  1. requirements for market access,
  2. international influencing, and
  3. research.

Each theme area has concrete numerical or verbal targets that are to be achieved by 2025.

The Finnish Space Committee steers and oversees the implementation of the national space strategy.

Space Strategy 2018 

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