Project: Licensing and supervision

Client orientation across boundaries

The project for licensing and supervision aims to reform practices in licensing and supervision by harnessing the benefits of digitalisation. The objective is to develop practices in a client-oriented way and identify licensing and supervision packages that meet clients’ needs. Another goal is to integrate the service and handling processes in a client-oriented way across organisational and administrative boundaries.

The project aims to facilitate and ease clients’ daily lives by identifying and dismantling unnecessary and overlapping processes and services. It also aims to make authorities’ activities and processes more effective and integrated. This involves an extensive and significant change in the authorities’ activities and approach; the focus will be shifted to the clients and their needs and to information and its harnessing.

Client-orientation is ensured by:

  • Identifying and describing the service packages created based on clients’ needs and the client-oriented efficient service paths and chains
  • Providing services across administrative and organisational boundaries
  • Focusing on information: real-time information follows the client
  • Creating a one-stop-shop model for a digital services layer as well as all-channel support services for users
  • Harnessing analytics, automation and artificial intelligence


The project has launched three service formulation packages:

  • Establishing of health and social services enterprises and related licensing and supervision
  • Investing rural enterprises and life-cycle services for farms
  • Supervision of active mining operations

Other ongoing work includes preparations for a service layer pilot and the first stage of the common terminology project.

Inquiries: sirpa.alitalo(at), paivi.tommila(at)