Senior officials

Permanent Secretary Timo Jaatinen is the Ministry's senior official.

He is assisted by Under-Secretary of State Petri Peltonen and Under-Secretary of State Elina Pylkkänen.

The Permanent Secretary directs, develops and supervises the operation of the ministry and its branch of government, has responsibility for the operations of the ministry, and takes care that the duties are handled effectively.

The Permanent Secretary

  • takes care of the quality of law drafting in the ministry
  • has responsibility for coordinating preparatory work by public servants in the ministry
  • directs and develops the ministry’s personnel management and other internal administration
  • is responsible for the preparation of objectives and the monitoring of their implementation in the ministry’s branch of government
  • is responsible for the organisation of the ministry’s branch of government and its development.

Directors general and heads of unit have responsibility for the direction of their own operational units.