SOLVIT network solves problems encountered by enterprises and citizens in cooperation with authorities within the EU/ETA area. A problem can be suspected of originating from a misapplication of legislation, insufficient decision-making, or, for example, incorrect harmonisation of EU legislation in the EU country in question.

Problem must be such that it crosses borders (for example, a Finnish enterprise and an authority from another EU country) and evidence must be provided in order to solve it, such as decisions submitted by an authority. Problem could include above-mentioned trade barriers or it may be related to other areas of the single market legislation such as:

  • the entry into the market for goods and services
  • establishment of a business
  • workers' freedom of movement (access to the labour market, terms of employment, posted employees)
  • recognition of professional qualifications
  • value added taxation (VAT)
  • vehicles (motor vehicle registration, driving licences)
  • freedom of movement and right of residence of individuals and their family members
  • losing the right to a specific social security benefit

SOLVIT is a free of charge service that does not replace the official appeal procedure or offer legal assistance if an issue has been brought before a court. Problems are solved by means of unofficial cooperation between authorities. An authority is offered an opportunity to voluntarily correct any shortcomings in their operation.

In case of structural problems, the aim is to have the other member state change their legislation. The objective of SOLVIT is to solve problems as quickly as possible; the deadline is ten weeks. SOLVIT is not suitable for replacing the operation of other problem-solving networks, such as national appeal procedures, services of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, problem-solving situations between companies, or consumer disputes.

More information: isabella.paju(at)