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Support for Finnair personnel

Tuula Haatainen Published Date 26.8.2020 14.19 Blog

Tuula Haatainen Today, Finnair announced startling plans to cut approximately 1,000 jobs. 

Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, travel has decreased dramatically, causing substantial financial losses for the company and a need to cut both costs and personnel. This announcement dramatically illustrates the linkage between Finnish jobs and the COVID-19 disease situation in other countries.

I have asked the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) of Uusimaa to take immediate steps to identify new job opportunities and to provide services to the affected Finnair personnel. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the TE Office in Uusimaa will start discussions with Finnair to ensure rapid re-employment. In previous supplementary budgets, employment appropriations were increased, specifically to address these situations, and services are available for those who will lose their jobs or be laid off temporarily. All necessary support will be provided to those made redundant to help them find a new job or an educational pathway, and to update their skills.

Previous experiences of dealing with sudden structural changes show that effective management of the situation, coordinated support measures, and cooperation between regional actors are crucial. The key to success is our ability to pool the competence and other resources of cities, the TE Office and the ELY Centre to serve a common purpose – re-employment. Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced some companies to adjust their operations, the labour market will always need skilled labour.

Finnair has a diverse and competent staff, and the Uusimaa TE Office is well equipped to help them find new job opportunities in both the service sector and in specialist roles.

Tuula Haatainen, Minister of Employment


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