Initiation of matters

E-mail: registry.tem(at)
Telephone: +358 29 50 60660 and +358 50 4211 660
Fax: +358 9 1606 2160

Mailing address: Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, P.O. Box 32, FI-00023 GOVERNMENT

Documents addressed to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment can be delivered to the Government mail distribution centre at Ritarikatu 2B, Helsinki (on working days between 8:00 and 16:15).

If you would like to initiate a matter in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, you should send the letter, your application or the other documents pertaining to the matter to the ministry’s registry. Please note that you can only initiate matters by e-mail if no official signature is required.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment keeps a document register of the matters that it has processed and in which it has made a decision. The documents received by the registry that are waiting to be processed or that have been sent further are entered in the ministry’s document management system. The registry forwards the documents to appropriate ministry officials for processing.

The ministry’s documents that are publicly accessible are available for viewing in the ministry by appointment.

Request for personal data under the general data protection regulation

You can submit a request to check your personal data and receive information on all your personal data stored in the services of the ministry. Please fill in the form below and send it to the ministry’s registry office, registry.tem(at) You can even request information from the ministry’s registry office by email.

Form for submitting a request to check personal data

If your request concerns the services of an Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office), please contact the registry of the office where you have been a client. Contact information of TE Offices:

Applying for research permit for researchers and research institutions

Application for the use of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s personal data files for statistical purposes, research or official planning work

Application for research permit

Research licenses for Employment Service Statistics

In accordance with section 2b of the Act on Statistics Finland (48/1992), Statistics Finland grants the user rights to the materials contained in the Employment Service Statistics of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment for research purposes or for compilation of statistical reports describing social conditions. 

To obtain user rights to the Employment Service Statistics, an application for a license should be submitted at Statistics Finland’s electronic licensing service.

The instructions for the licensing service

If you need more information, please contact Statistics Finland’s Research Services at tutkijapalvelut(at)

Archival services

The ministry’s archives contain all documents produced since the establishment of the ministry in 2008. The archives also contain most the documents of the ministries preceding the MEAE (Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Labour) for the last ten years of their existence. Material produced before that is kept in the National Archives. For more details about this material, see the National Archives website (link on the right side of the page).

Citizens have the right of access to official documents in the public domain. The request concerning the access to the document must be specified so that the ministry can determine the document in question. The requests must be sent to the ministry’s official e-mail address (kirjaamo (at)

The documents can be viewed in the ministry by appointment and they are not loaned.