Social impact of employment of people with partial work capacity

Model for management by knowledge and monitoring performance of employment support measures

Effective promotion of employment requires management by knowledge. This work was carried out by the Centre of Expertise for Impact Investing, which has developed an impact-based employment model together with the cities of Helsinki, Rovaniemi, Kemijärvi and the ELY Centre of Central Finland during 2021.

The model is based on customer groupings created through statistical analysis. The grouping anticipates the customers’ need for services and assesses their employment opportunities.

With the help of the model

  • people with partial work capacity will be identified better
  • jobseekers will be offered more appropriate services
  • measures can be evaluated for their effectiveness.

The model can be used to monitor changes in the conditions for employment among clients and to assess which measures promote employment. Another objective is to better monitor cost-effectiveness and selection of measures based on results.