The Government's entrepreneurship strategy aims to strengthen entrepreneurship in Finland


The Government’s entrepreneurship strategy strives to build companies’ confidence in the fact that Finland is a good place to invest, to start a company, to offer employment, and to build a business. Another objective of the strategy is to make Finland more attractive to foreign workforce. 

Several practical measures to address the challenges experienced by entrepreneurs are proposed for each of the eight themes included in the strategy. The themes are:

  1. Predictable and competitive corporate taxation
  2. Competence and the availability of skilled labour to support business growth
  3. Encouraging growth-oriented business
  4. Reducing excessive regulation, simplifying service processes, impact assessment and competition policy
  5. Entrepreneurship as a driver of regional development
  6. Providing new beginnings, security and wellbeing for entrepreneurs
  7. Developed and customised entrepreneur services for entrepreneurs to address specific needs and situations
  8. Co-ordination and phenomenom-driven approach in promoting entrepreneurship

The strategy is based on the Government Programme.

Draft entrepreneurship strategy has been undergoing public consultation from 10 March to 9 April 2020.

More information

Ministerial Adviser Jaana Lappi - jaana.lappi(at)