Joint strategy of the Regional State Administrative Agencies and ELY Centres guides the operations of regional state administration

The regional state administration’s joint strategy document for 2024–2027, Creating a sustainable future – together and locally, guides regional government agencies in the implementation of the Government Programme and in the reform of operations and structures. 

The sectors and tasks of regional state administration – Regional State Administrative Agencies (AVI) and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) – are diverse. The tasks of the government agencies include development, finance, guidance and supervision, the functioning and maintenance of basic infrastructure, as well as ensuring the services and legal protection of citizens and companies. The key objectives of the broad range of activities have been compiled into a single package in the strategy document.

The document divides the strategic priorities into four areas: 

  • we secure wellbeing and equality,
  • we increase vitality,
  • we carry out a sustainable and clean transition and
  • we facilitate preparedness and comprehensive security.

Three priority areas have been selected for operational development:

  • thriving staff and work communities,
  • excellent customer experience and stakeholder cooperation and
  • digitalised and streamlined processes.

The selected priorities implement the policies outlined in the Government Programme and reflect changes in the operating environment and legislation defining the tasks of the agencies. The reform of regional state administration, launched in September 2023 in accordance with the Government Programme, is reflected in the strategy document as policy approaches: regional state administration will continue to operate across administrative boundaries and across sectors in the regions. In addition, functional capacity will be maintained and operations will be harmonised when the agency structures of regional administration are reformed.

The strategy guides and provides a common framework for a more detailed operational planning of the state regional administration agencies, i.e., six Regional State Administrative Agencies, 15 ELY Centres, the State Department of Åland and KEHA Centres, and for setting operational targets. 

Document for 2020-2023