Accommodation and catering business

Under the Act on Accommodation and Catering Services, the accommodation business operator is responsible for the passenger cards of the passengers arriving at the operator’s place of accommodation.

Accommodation business operations mean the offering of furnished rooms or other accommodation for customers in need of temporary accommodation on a professional basis. In practice, accommodation business can take different forms, such as hotels, motels, hostels or holiday resorts.

The act also covers farm tourism or accommodation and catering business at farms and professional bed and breakfast operations. The obligation concerning the passenger card also applies to camping site operators.

The passenger card may be completed by the passenger, the accommodation business operator or a member of his/her staff on the basis of the information provided by the passenger in advance. If the passenger is accompanied by his/her spouse and underage children, the details of all family members must be entered on the same passenger card.

The leader of a tour group may enter the details of all group members on a single passenger card. A group tour is a pre-arranged tour in which a group of persons takes part. The accommodation business operator must submit the passenger details of foreigners to the police department in the area of which the accommodation business in question is located. 

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the drafting of the legislation on accommodation and catering services.

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