Number of work ability coordinators to rise

The number of work ability coordinators at TE Offices will be increased in 2020–2022. The purpose is to improve the services available to persons with partial work ability so that the labour market demand for this group of people would increase. This requires that the work ability coordinators develop cooperation between employers and companies. The special needs of people with partial work ability will be taken into better consideration. 

The increase in the number of work ability coordinators is based on the realisation that meeting the service needs of jobseekers with partial work ability and finding employment for them requires better coordination of services.

Work ability coordinators work as experts at TE Offices and ensure that jobseekers with partial work ability have access to all services promoting employment, irrespective of the body organising the service. 

In addition to supporting the customer, work ability coordinators will build an effective cooperation network in their area together with experts from other bodies. 

Inquiries: Jenni Wessman, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, jenni.wessman(at)