Finnvera domestic financing

Finnvera plc is a specialised financing company owned by the State of Finland. Financing provided by Finnvera supplements the financing markets and promotes the development of business, regions and exports. The loans and guarantees supplied by Finnvera help to improve and diversify the chances of companies to obtain funding, particularly in the SME sector.

It is also possible for Finnvera to enter corporate bonds. The State participates in the compensation of losses arising from the credits and guarantees provided by the company for Finnish SMEs, which means it is able to take on greater risks in providing loans than banks usually are.

It is the company’s task to correct the deficiencies in financing services, which means it generally shares the risk with other financiers. It is required that the company is self-supportive.

Finnvera’s domestic activity is governed by the specific legislation that applies to it and the state’s economic and corporate governance policies. Finnvera must also take the EU rules on State aid into account. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is responsible for the company’s economic and corporate governance policies.

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