Statistical summary-annuals

Statistical summary-annuals have not been produced since 2022. In addition to Employment Bulletins, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment also prepared annual statistical publications on the basis of the Employment Service Statistics. Most of the data presented in the annual statistics has been gathered throughout the year, while the annual averages are the average value of the months of the year in question.

A short description of the contents of each summary is given below. Until 2010, statistical summary -annuals are only available in Finnish. The ISSN number of the ministry’s statistical summary series is 1797-3732 (online publication).

- Statistical summary 1 gives the number of unemployed job-seekers and their percentage of the labour force by municipality and by Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre). The data is presented by month and as an annual average. The statistical summary 1 is published late January/early February each year.

Statistical summary 2 presents the changes in the number of job-seekers, unemployed job-seekers and new vacancies in comparison to earlier years. The Statistical summary 2 is published at the end of March each year.

- Statistical summary 3 focuses on changes in labour market training, using the annual statistics as a basis. The Statistical summary 3 is usually published at the end of June.

Statistical summary 4 (for years 2009 and 2011) focuses on the labour market situation among foreigners. It uses both Employment Service Statistics and other data as its sources.

Statistical summarys for the years 2015-2022

Statistical summarys for the years 2008-2015


Other statistical publications

The statistical section of the Finnish Labour Review mostly includes labour market statistics based on the data compiled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and Statistics Finland. These statistics are presented as tables and figures, on a quarterly and annual basis. The information is based on the averages for the months included in each review period (a year or a quarter). For example, the statistics of the first quarter are the average figures for the data compiled in January through March. The titles of figures and tables are in Finnish and English.

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