Light work suitable for young persons

Persons under 15 years of age may do light work that is not hazardous to their health or affect their development or does not interfere with their school attendance.

Such work includes:

  • Selling refreshments, tickets and similar products at competitions, exhibitions or similar events
  • Running errands, distributing papers and fliers
  • Performances and other work at artistic, cultural and similar events
  • Writing, editing, communication and other media work
  • Assistant roles in retailing outlets, including displaying goods and attaching price labels, sorting and packaging goods and sales work (but not work at supermarket checkouts)
  • Assistant work in offices
  • Planting, picking and providing assistance in horticultural and agricultural work, feeding domestic animals that are not dangerous
  • Assistant roles in hotels and restaurants, including setting tables, serving and selling
  • Minor assistant tasks in industry which do not involve working with, or in close contact with, substances or implements that may be harmful or hazardous to health
  • In warehouses and similar facilities, receiving, sorting, handling and dispatching goods, labelling and inventorying
  • In sanitation and cleaning work, cleaning premises, including flats, where substances or implements that may be harmful or hazardous to health are not handled
  • Other light work that is similar to the aforementioned types considering the working environment, requirements of the work, the responsibility laid on the worker as well as the physical and mental stress caused by the work.

The list is based on the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Decree on the List of Examples of Light Work Suitable for Young Workers.

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