National aid schemes and State aid granted

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) coordinates the notification procedure for national aid schemes and individual aid. However, aid schemes concerning agriculture, rural areas and fisheries as well as certain forestry-related schemes are excluded from the MEAE’s coordination activities. The same applies to certain compensations paid for public service duties within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Information on Finnish aid schemes and individual aid that have either been authorised by the Commission or are covered by the General Block Exemption Regulation is available in the Commission’s State Aid Register.

Transparency – state aid granted

A comprehensive website on State was launched on 1 July 2016, with information on individual aid awards of over EUR 500,000 granted in State aid by Finland and the other EU Member States. The website also publishes information on aid of over EUR 60,000 for agricultural primary production and aid of over EUR 30,000 for fisheries and aquaculture. The European Commission maintains the website, and the aid authorities of the Member States are responsible for publication of the information.

EU State Aid Scoreboard

Each year, the European Commission publishes an electronic State Aid Scoreboard. It presents State aid expenditure based on information reported by the Member States. The scoreboard covers aid granted to industries, services, agriculture and fisheries. The data are examined separately for each Member State and at the EU level.

Further information: sanna.nyyssola(at) and samuli.miettinen(at)