TE service pilots for jobseekers with partial work capacity

The TE service pilots will improve the relevance of TE services for people with partial work capacity. Particular areas of development include recruitment services and service packages that best support people with partial work capacity. At the same time, the service pilots will seek ways to improve the availability and supply of relevant training. Closer cooperation between jobseeker services and employer services is also an area under development.

The pilots will conducted in cooperation with working capacity pilots (managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare), municipal trials on employment, employers, employer networks and organisations. Organisations, in particular, have a high level of expertise in employing people with partial work capacity, planning suitable services and supporting the jobseekers’ capacity to work and function. This work is carried out especially with the expert organisation Vates and its partners.

TE services will be redesigned based on the following priorities:

  • identifying customers and their service needs better than before
  • integrating employer services and jobseeker services more closely
  • strengthening education and training paths
  • expanding cooperation with organisations

The TE service pilots began in March 2021 and they will continue until the end of 2022.

Inquiries: Jenni Wessman, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, jenni.wessman(at)gov.fi