Work that young persons are not allowed to do and work that is hazardous to young persons

There are a number of work tasks that young people are not allowed to do. Furthermore, some tasks are considered so hazardous and harmful that young workers’ participation in them has been restricted.

Work tasks that young persons are not allowed to do and that are hazardous to them are classified in accordance with occupational safety as follows:   

  • Work involving an accident or health risk or work that can be hazardous to the mental or physical development of a young person

Young persons may only do such work when specific conditions are met.

  • Hazardous work

Persons aged under 16 are not allowed to do these work tasks. Young persons aged between 16 and 17 are only allowed to do hazardous work when adequate occupational safety measures have been taken. 

More detailed provisions on the work tasks that young persons are not allowed to do and that are hazardous to them are laid down in

  • the Government Decree on Work that is Particularly Harmful and Hazardous to Young Workers and
  • the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Decree on the List of Examples of Work that is Hazardous to Young Workers.

The employer must provide advance notification of hazardous work

The employer must notify occupational safety and health authorities of any hazardous work. In training-related work, the training provider must submit the notification together with the employer.

Dispensation granted by occupational safety and health authorities

Occupational safety and health authorities  have the right to grant dispensation from the provisions laying down the conditions for especially harmful or hazardous work performed by young persons aged over 16. A dispensation can only be granted if 

  • performing of the work is essential for his/her professional development and
  • the young worker is performing the work under the supervision of an experienced and skilled person.  

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