MEAE Business Sector Services

MEAE Business Sector Services are expert services provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland that collate, analyse and communicate information about the business environment to help companies and operators make decisions.

The purpose of the service is to facilitate the success, growth and internationalisation of Finnish companies.

The Business Sector Services draw on high-level expertise and experience, the latest technology and practices, and extensive contacts with customers, companies and stakeholders.

Expert services include sector-specific foresight, regional development estimates, competence development and the allocation of public financing.

Publications and services

The information services of the MEAE Business Sector Services include the following reports and reviews:

  • Sector Reports
  • Sectors’ Economic Prospects
  • SME Sector Barometers
  • Regional Economic Prospects

The Business Sector Services organise regional seminars and launch events for the publications of Sector Reports. Many of these events have free access. Some of the evens are also webcast, the viewing link will be provided on this website.

Sector Online

The Business Sector Services maintains the Sector Online statistics service and updates automatically statistical charts.