Government's tourism initiatives

The initiatives and programs of Prime Minister Sanna Marin's government concerning tourism in the administrative sector of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment are presented below.

Prime Minister Marin's government program

A separate funding of EUR 5 million has been allocated for the implementation of the Government Program Entry “Launching a National Tourism Program to Continue Sustainable Growth in the Tourism Sector and Support the Growth of Tourism Entrepreneurship” in 2020 and 2021. With the additional funding, tourism companies are encouraged to develop their tourism services to a higher quality than before (including sustainability and digitalisation) and to take into account the opportunities for domestic tourism. The targeting of tourism marketing abroad will be intensified and the careful and high-quality customization of tourism products in accordance with the wishes of the target groups will be strengthened. Understanding the needs of tourists and monitoring the effectiveness of the tourism industry require strong knowledge management to support it.

The additional funding will be allocated almost entirely to the operations of Business Finland's Visit Finland unit. In the implementation of the measures, co-operation will be established, in particular with the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Education and Culture in the implementation of government program entries for tourism.

Sustainable Tourism 2030 Program

In the government's budget proposal on 16 September 2020, it was decided to launch the Sustainable Tourism 2030 program. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment coordinates the preparation of the program. The program supports Finland's tourism strategy by emphasizing e.g. climate and environmental sustainability, accessibility, year-round and competitiveness. The program will be carried out as part of the implementation of the Finnish tourism strategy and government program entry “Launching a national tourism program package to continue sustainable growth in the tourism sector and support the growth of tourism entrepreneurship” during the government term. Ongoing measures will contribute to the comprehensive implementation of the program.

The new measures included in the program (night train and rail connections, electronic air transport) are being prepared separately. Preparations for the development of the Eastern night train connection and the service level of night train services have been launched in early autumn 2020. Preparations for the development of electronic air transport will start during 2021.

Government's additional funding for the recovery and development of tourism

In 2020, the Government allocated additional funding of EUR 4.5 million to support the recovery and development of tourism. The Government supports the development of tourism in the regions by regional tourism development projects with EUR 4 million. The funding will support the regions' opportunities to develop tourism, strengthen management and coordination of tourism development and improve tourism cooperation. In addition, the Government allocated EUR 0.5 million to a campaign to promote domestic tourism. The aim is to help tourism companies recover from the coronavirus crisis and increase tourism in Finland. The additional funding allocated for tourism was part of the fourth supplementary budget for 2020, which Parliament approved on 25 June 2020. 

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Tourism initiatives of previous governments

In the mid-term review of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä's government in spring 2017, the government decided to add the tourism entity to the government's action plan for 2017-2019. The action program “Tourism 4.0 - rapid growth and employment from tourism” was a set of measures to support the international growth and renewal of the tourism industry during 2018-2019. Implementation of some of the measures continued in early 2020. Additional funding of EUR 16 million was granted to the operational program.

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