Assessment of regulatory impacts on business

The assessment of business impacts is part of the assessment of economic impacts of legislation. Sufficient business impact assessment contributes to a better regulatory environment with respect to the operation and competitiveness of companies.

In the assessment of business impacts, the impacts of regulation and various implementation alternatives must be examined especially with respect to

  • the costs and earnings of companies (including administrative burden)
  • competition between companies and the functioning of the market
  • small and medium-sized enterprises, entrepreneurship and the growth opportunities of companies
  • the investments and innovation operations of companies
  • the international competitiveness of companies.

The assessment of business impacts is based on the Government's Guidelines on the Impact Assessment of Legislative Proposals (Ministry of Justice 2007, pages 18-21).

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment promotes business impact assessment in legislative drafting, supports the legislative drafters of ministries and develops methods of business impact assessment.

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