Arctic Economic Dialogue

There is a growing interest in utilising the economic opportunities in the Arctic region. Despite its small size, the Arctic economy offers new business opportunities for Finnish experts and for the Finnish business and industry. New opportunities are associated with major Arctic themes, such as climate change, sustainable utilisation of natural resources, functioning infrastructure, and digital services.

Making the possibilities of the Arctic region a reality requires a better understanding and concretisation of the Arctic themes. The Arctic Economic Dialogue project aims to shed light on the environment and context where companies and organisations operate when they engage in business activities in the Arctic region. Understanding everyday problems and highlighting challenges pave the way for collaboration and the building of new partnerships.

Potential for new business opportunities in Arctic expertise

The Arctic Economic Dialogue aims to launch cooperation in themes related to Arctic economy. The project will organise eight international events in different countries focusing on Arctic business activities. The events will highlight concrete skills and expertise needed in the Arctic and other demanding conditions and their potential for international business opportunities. The aim is to discuss needs and challenges that are typical for Arctic business activities and create outlooks for common sustainable solutions. Links to the event materials will be available in this page.

In the project, the Arctic region is understood to be the region north of the Arctic Circle. The Arctic Council’s eight Member States are Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Canada and the United States.

The Arctic Economic Dialogue project will be carried out as part of Finland’s Chairmanship of the Arctic Council and the Arctic Economic Council (2017–2019). It is a collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Business Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

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