The Sustainable Growth Programme for the Transport Sector


Please note: The project has ended and the content of this page will no longer be updated.

The aim of the growth programme work for the transport sector for 2018–2023 was to promote the business-driven innovation development, internationalisation and sustainable growth of the sector. The objective was to establish 5 to 7 active, international business ecosystems in the transport sector in Finland and create 10,000 jobs by 2025 to promote sustainable growth.

The main tools of the growth programme work included cooperation between the public, private and research sectors, as well as ecosystem thinking with the aim of creating innovative and sustainable solutions for the international market in the transport sector.

The programme first started as the National Growth Programme for the Transport Sector for 2018–2022 and was then updated to the National Programme for Sustainable Growth in the Transport Sector for 2021–2023. The programmes form a coherent continuum. The first period resulted in a shared vision and roadmap for development and investment needs and global business opportunities in the sector. The priority of the second period was to advance the businesses and ecosystems into global success stories.

Publication: Programme cooperation for promoting sustainable growth in the transport sector in 2018–2023. Recommendations and lessons learnt. (in Finnish)