Other energy sector cooperation forums

The International Energy Forum (IEF)

The International Energy Forum (IEF) offers a stage for ministerial dialogue between countries of production and consumption of oil and natural gas. Its first meeting took place in 1991. Finland is a member of the IEF. The IEF head office is located in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Energy Charter

The Energy Charter controls investment protection, the trade of energy raw materials and products, transit and the settlement of disputes. The European Energy Charter was signed in 1991. It was modernised in 2015 and its name was changed to the International Energy Charter. This modernised charter was signed by more than 70 states. A legally binding agreement, the Energy Charter Treaty, was made in 1994 and it has 52 signatories, including Finland. The European Commission has made a proposal for the EU and Euratom to withdraw from the Energy Charter Agreement.

Further information: elina.johansson(at)gov.fi

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