Digital TE services reform

Kuvassa nainen ja mies katsovat tietokoneen ruutua, nainen neuvoo miestä.

The reform of TE digital services aims to provide jobseekers and employers with digital services that will meet their needs better and that will ease the use of services. The overall reform includes a new service platform to promote the matching of jobs with workers and to improve job search and employment services.

New digital services to help matching of jobseekers with jobs 

The new digital TE services will gradually replace the online services for customers and experts and the customer information system of TE Offices. From 2 May 2022, the services for personal and business customers and experts are available on the Job Market Finland service platform. The change does not require any action from customers; instead, the former TE services website ( will redirect to the new site.

The Job Market platform utilises artificial intelligence to enable jobseekers and employers to find each other faster and better. A new feature on the Job Market platform will allow jobseekers to create and publish job search profiles. 

Clearer rules on the processing of customer data in public employment and business services 

The reform also aims to clarify and update the regulation on the processing of customer data in public employment and business services. The reform contains provisions on the processing of data on job search profiles and the retrieval of data on published job search profiles as well as reviews of the roles of operators involved in the processing of personal data.

New digital services to be phased in from May 2022

The laws concerning the reform will enter into force on 23 May 2022. The new digital services will be introduced in stages. 

  • The Job Market service was launched in May 2022 (The national website is no longer available)
  • The new information system services would be fully in place by the end of 2023.

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(digital TE services project) Mikko Kuoppala, Ministerial Adviser Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 295 049 245, [email protected]
Jaakko Westerlund, Development Director, KEHA Centre, [email protected]