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Successful multicultural companies awarded

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
5.10.2017 20.00
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Companies that participated in the Successful Multicultural Company Campaign in spring 2017 were awarded in a Gala on October 5th. The campaign was organised by Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Finland Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, and its purpose was to bring up companies that have succeeded in multiculturalism and in internationalization, and highlight the impacts of diverse workforce for business.

– To keep Finland competitive in the future, we need more talents and top experts. Diverse working community creates a strong platform for new models of operation, for best know-how, for developing business, and for growing clientele. The awarded companies are an excellent example of how company’s diversity can bring advantage regardless the industry, states the Chairman of the jury, HR Director of Skanska Oy Kirsi Mettälä.

Huone Events Hotel was awarded in the small size company (under 50 employees) category, JS Suomi Oy in medium size (50-250) and WSP Finland Oy in big size company (over 250) category. In addition, jury gave an honorable mention to BlueFors Cryogenics Oy for their exemplary attitude in developing the diversity of workforce and for their ability to transfer the top expertise into international business.

– Multiculturalism has significant multiplier effects for companies: it strengthens companies’ competitiveness, supports new businesses and innovations, and improves target market knowledge. The more open and attractive job markets we have, the more international talents and investments we get to Finland, points out Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment’s Permanent Secretary Jari Gustafsson.

The competition was executed through survey measuring organisational culture and its openness, conducted by Hofstede Insights. In selecting the awarded companies, the main emphasis was on the personnel’s answers to the survey. In result analysis, companies’ industries, estimates on the optimal culture and response rate were taken into consideration. In addition, factors having impact on organisational culture’s openness and diversity were emphasised. Companies’ economic situation and forecast was also taken into account.

In total 45 companies participated in the competition and almost 2000 respondents replied to the survey.

The Chairman of the jury was Skanska Oy’s HR Director Kirsi Mettälä, and other members were CEO of Opteam Oy Minna Vanhala-Harmanen, HR Director of HOK-Elanto Antero Levänen, CEO of Finland Chamber of Commerce Risto E.J. Penttilä, and Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment Jari Gustafsson. Managing Director of Hofstede Insights, Egbert Schram acted as jury’s expert member, and Project Director Markku Lahtinen from Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce was secretary.

Chamber of Multicultural Enterprises (COME) project focuses on improving companies and employers’ readiness to recruit international workforce and operate in multicultural working environment. In addition, the project aims in enhancing companies’ success in international business environment. COME is part of At Work in Finland project, funded by European Social Fund and Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Awarded companies

Additional information:
Markku Lahtinen, Project Director, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce/COME, tel. +358 50 571 3564
Laura Lindeman, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 29 504 7205

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