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New ministers appointed

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
6.6.2019 16.38 | Published in English on 10.6.2019 at 10.28
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Timo Harakka and Katri Kulmuni
Timo Harakka ja Katri Kulmuni

The President of the Republic appointed the Government of Antti Rinne on 6 June 2019. The new ministers of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment are Timo Harakka (Social Democratic Party), Minister of Employment, and Katri Kulmuni (Centre Party), Minister of Economic Affairs.

Minister of Employment Harakka is responsible for matters concerning the Employment and Well-Functioning Markets Department, and matters concerning employment services at the Regions and Growth Services Department. The Minister of Employment is also responsible for matters concerning work-based immigration and integration, and general administration matters of the ministry.

Minister of Economic Affairs Kulmuni is responsible for all other matters covered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

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