Enterprise Finland services

Public business services can be accessed through three channels. An enterprise or a start-up entrepreneur does not need to know in advance which organisation they should contact but they can find a solution through the channels of Enterprise Finland regardless of the situation.

Yrityssuomi.fi online service

The Enterprise Finland online service (Yrityssuomi.fi) offers enterprises and start-up entrepreneurs up-to-date information on entrepreneurship and corporate activities, as well as corporate services and tools. Yrityssuomi.fi contains all of the key forms that are needed in the establishment of an enterprise and in functioning as an enterprise.

The service also includes an entrepreneur’s own electronic desk My Enterprise Finland (oma.yrityssuomi.fi), which offers information based on the user’s profile information, as well as tools to help entrepreneurs and those planning to go into business. Service users may also ask for advice from public business advisers through the My Enterprise Finland website.

The service contains information on all persons providing public business advice who can be reached digitally through the My Enterprise Finland service.  An enterprise can also form networks online with other enterprises or experts that provide public advice.

The My Enterprise Finland service also includes a My Enterprise Finland Customer Service workspace, which is a place for experts that provide public business advice to form networks and share their knowledge and experiences.

Enterprise Finland telephone service

The Enterprise Finland telephone service is a national service channel of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment for entrepreneurs and those planning on going into business.  The number for service in Finnish is 0295 020 500, and for service in Swedish it is 0295 020 501. The hours of operation are available on the yrityssuomi.fi website. For service in English, please fill the electronic form. The business advisers manning the telephone service can also be contacted via chat on weekday afternoons at yrityssuomi.fi. 

Face-to-face service

 The network consists of national and regional organisations. The Enterprise Finland network, which covers the whole country, comprises the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), TE Offices (Employment and Economic Development Offices), and the Tax Administration. In addition, the network includes regional corporate services around Finland.

Developing the services of Enterprise Finland is the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment together with the organisations and interest groups of its administrative branch.