Statistics and analysis

The ministry uses statistics and analysis in policy preparation, monitoring and steering. High-quality and up-to-date statistics are essential in the monitoring of phenomena and changes in them.

The employment service statistics, which are compiled by public employment services, are the most important employment statistics of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. They are part of the Official Statistics of Finland and the latest figures are published each month together with the labour force survey of Statistics Finland. In addition to publishing a monthly survey, MEAE also makes employment statistics available on the Statistics Finland's StatFin service.

Statistics are also used in analytical work. MEAE prepares analytical reports for the ministry’s management, departments and policy projects. These include the short-term labour market forecast published by MEAE twice a year.

In addition to short memoranda for managerial use, the analytical work also involves the preparation of documents based on extensive material and complex methods. For our analysis we use the ministry’s extensive registers and material produced by Statistics Finland.

Many of the analyses are published in the series TEM-analyyseja (MEAE analyses; in Finnish). The analytical work supplements the research supplied by researchers outside the ministry and in this area, MEAE also cooperates with other ministries.


Enterprise statistics

Further information:
Heikki Räisänen, heikki.raisanen(at)
Employment Service Statistics: Petri Syvänen, petri.syvanen(at)