Working life diversity programme

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Diversity and non-discrimination in working life and Finnish society in general have an effect on the employment of immigrants here and Finland’s ability to attract skilled labour, international students and investments.

Diversity benefits companies. A business with an ethnically diverse and gender-diverse workforce is also more profitable economically. However, there is considerable discrimination in recruitment practices in the Finnish labour market, particularly against persons whose name suggests a non-European background.

To address these challenges and to increase knowledge about diversity and receptiveness in working life, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment launched in March 2021 an action plan to promote diversity and inclusiveness in working life from the perspective of immigrants.

The programme’s goal was that companies and organisations benefit from diversity and that immigrants can more easily find employment that corresponds with their skills and advances their careers.

The programme was based on Prime Minister Marin’s Government Programme and supported the objective of the Talent Boost action plan to make Finland an internationally attractive place to work, study, do research and invest.

Programme measures

The programme includes measures to reduce structural discrimination and racism in the labour market by increasing the awareness of the benefits of diversity in work communities and by improving recruitment and management skills related to diversity and inclusiveness in working life. In addition, the programme promotes diversity skills in employer and jobseeker services and advances diversity and inclusiveness in the public sector. Measures to combat discrimination in recruitment and to promote anonymous recruitment are included in the programme. Employers and workplaces are the target group of the working life diversity programme.

Working life diversity programme

Final report on working life diversity programme

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