Finland is an active member of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The IEA is an autonomous organisation within the framework of OECD. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment participates in its activities as Finland’s representative. The organisation’s head office is located in Paris.

Finland joined the IEA in 1992. The IEA is a forum for extensive collaboration in the various sectors of energy policy, especially the energy market and the stockpiling of oil. The IEA has expanded its operations and cooperation worldwide. In addition, specialist statistical work and collaborative research is performed within the IEA. One important form of cooperation is the country-specific assessment of energy policy. The IEA has a significant expert role, for example, in international climate negotiations and G7/G20 cooperation.

Further information:

riku.huttunen(at), IEA Governing Board

petteri.kuuva(at), IEA cooperation