Energy Efficiency Directive recast

As part of the so-called fit for 55 package, the European Commission published on 14.7.2021 a proposal for amending the Energy efficiency Directive. The Council reached a general approach on 27.6.2022. The tripartite negotiations were concluded and the Directive was adopted by a vote of the Council and Parliament in July 2023. The text of the directive will be published in the Official Journal in September 2023 and it will enter into force in October 2023.

National implementation takes 24 months, which means that the legislation required for implementation, for example, must be in force in October 2025.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has appointed a working group to prepare the national implementation of the revised Energy efficiency Directive. The working group will plan the measures and prepare the necessary legislation. The term of the working group will continue until 31.12.2024.

Further information: pia.kotro(at) and juhani.tirkkonen(at)