Public-private partnerships create the opportunity to combine the competencies of multiple actors and generate new solutions and services.

The activation of external resources and competencies requires the public sector to develop new practical operating practices that highlight the benefits of partnership. These new operating practices include:

  1. Competitions and awards: the public sector sets up competitions connected to a particular theme and activates external resources to participate and generate possible solutions.
  2. Pro-innovation public procurement: By describing the object of procurement through its intended effect, the public sector creates space for innovation and activates the development of new solutions.
  3. The right to challenge: the right to challenge gives the opportunity for different actors to analyse and point out the shortcomings in public sector operating procedures and suggest better functioning services or procedures.
  4. Opening up public information: open public information resources give incentives to the development community to develop new services which in turn further the public sector’s own goals. For example, the opening up of public transport timetables has given rise to services which facilitate the use of public transport and reduce the need for private cars.
  5. Openness of planning: open long-term service and operational planning among public organisations provides an overall outlook of future needs and an incentive to invest in and prepare for them.

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Mikko Martikainen