Practical measures for promoting innovative public procurement

Roadmap for innovative public procurements

The MEE has initiated a project with the PMO’s TEAS funding for developing innovative public procurements. The project's aims are to increase the precision of measuring and monitoring innovative public procurements, to describe their sector-specific potential to buyers, and to strengthen impact-based definitions for and monitoring of procurement targets. 

Growth agreements between the State and urban regions

Innovative public procurements are strongly present in the growth agreements between the Ministry of Employment and the Economy and urban regions as a method for utilising the investments and procurements of cities to support the development of new services and products and create reference areas for companies. 

The Experiments report

The systematic use of experiments in renewing public services is still new in Finland. The MEE’s Experimental Development report clarifies how experiments can be utilised to renew public sector services.

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Mikko Martikainen