Tasks and objectives

Successful entrepreneurial activity forms the bedrock of Finland’s competitiveness.One of the main tasks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment is to create a solid basis for industrial and other business operations and in this way strengthen competitiveness and employment. 

The aim is to ensure renewal, growth and internationalisation of enterprises by using Finland’s strengths and business opportunities in the world economy.

Growth is built on the basis of the joint impacts of labour and industrial policy and by allocating public sector support to growth-oriented enterprises and their labour needs.

Labour market flexibility and employee security are combined in a balanced manner in decisions on labour and business policy. Education, training and competence provide a basis for individuals’ success and for new growth. Efficient TE Services help to ensure the competence and employability of jobseekers.

In energy policy, the main tasks of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment include the development of the energy market and security of supply and promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as the regulation of nuclear power. The ministry is also responsible for emissions trading and the coordination of preparation and implementation of the climate policy at national level.

The objective in regional development is to reduce differences in development between and within regions, while promoting citizens’ well-being and competence.

Priorities in the integration policy include support of social cohesion and ensuring that immigrants can successfully become municipal residents, smooth and well-managed allocation of beneficiaries of international protection and successful cooperation between central and local government.

Programme of Prime Minister Antti Rinne's Government