Nordic cooperation

The energy cooperation of the Nordic countries falls under the authority of the Nordic Council of Ministers. This Council is the official collaborative body of the governments of the Nordic countries. The target of the Nordic countries’ work together within the fields of economic development, energy and regional policy is to promote an efficient energy economy with acceptable environmental impacts in the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea region and other neighbouring areas. The most significant results have been achieved in the development of the Nordic electricity market.

The Committees of Senior Officials in the Nordic Council of Ministers are comprised of national officials whose duty it is to prepare for and monitor issues in several focus areas. The Committee of Senior Officials for Energy Policy prepare for issues concerning energy.

Finland participates in the Nordic collaboration regarding renewable energy within the Working Group for Renewable Energy (AGFE) of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The group contributes to the support given to Nordic politicians and experts in their work through information exchange and cooperation projects.

Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS), which focuses on reactor safety and emergency preparedness, is also implemented as a Nordic collaboration. Its target is to fortify information-related and strategic preparedness. All the key authorities, research institutes and nuclear power companies from the Nordic countries are involved in this cooperation.

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kati.veijonen(at), AGFE
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