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Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment launches preparations for a report on security of supply

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 2.11.2021 10.16
Press release

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment begins a process for the preparation of a Government report on security of supply. Security of supply and preparedness have become a topic of active public debate following the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic also created a need to build better plans for our security of supply extending across several government terms. The report will support this development work

The report aims to clarify the broad principles of efforts to improve security of supply in the longer term through measures such as parliamentary preparation and discussion, and to ensure better overall preparedness for new threats. Work includes defining the essential tools needed to achieve the objectives and identifying their development needs, and modernising the security of supply system to respond to the challenges caused by changes in the operating environment.

Finland has a well-functioning security of supply system, which relies on a public-private cooperation network and the ability of the security of supply organisation to take swift action in a crisis. However, changes in circumstances force us to clarify our vision for the development work. 

Key themes include continuity management and need for modernisation, overall development of the regulatory framework for security of supply and creating favourable conditions for implementation; development issues related to the security of supply organisation, issues related to securing the operations of the National Emergency Supply Fund, and the active involvement of Parliament.

The report focuses on examining the national objectives, guiding principles and guidance of security of supply at society level instead of discussing operational issues in detail. The report will provide an assessment of whether the national security of supply is at the desired level and what are the improvements required. 

Several evaluations and reports on the security of supply and the National Emergency Supply Agency (NESA) were carried out between 2020 and 2021. The Security Strategy for Society is also about to be updated under the Security Committee’s guidance.

Links to climate change, the Energy and Climate Strategy and the key outlines of security of supply related international cooperation and influencing at both the Nordic and international level will be taken into account in the preparations. Similarly, attention will be paid to relevant EU projects such as the preparation of the CER Directive proposing improvements to the resilience of critical entities and the key impacts of its implementation.

Parliamentary and interest groups actively involved in the preparation of the report

An intersectoral management group chaired by Raimo Luoma, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, will guide the preparations. The management group works closely with the intersectoral cooperation group on security of supply appointed by the Government at the end of September. 

A parliamentary monitoring group will also be appointed to oversee the preparation of the report. 

The report is to be submitted to Parliament in September 2022. Before that, an extensive consultation round on the draft report will be organised in spring 2022. During the preparation process, interest groups will be invited to take part in workshops, the purpose being to specify the report’s focus areas in more detail and to consult the interest groups on key points. 

Eeva Vahtera, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 29 504 9009
Antti Neimala, Director General, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel.  +358 29 504 7039

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