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Negotiations with Thailand continue to bring wild berry pickers to Finland

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 16.7.2020 15.07 | Published in English on 16.7.2020 at 15.51
News item

On 8.7.2020, the Finnish Government agreed that the entry of berry pickers at the invitation of companies will be permitted via both internal and external border traffic.

The entry of berry pickers from Thailand will be permitted according to the country quota previously allocated to Finland. The Thai authorities announced earlier that Finland’s quota is 3,000 pickers.

However, the Thai Government has not yet decided whether it is possible for berry pickers to come from Thailand to Finland this summer, due to its strict provisions on coronavirus epidemic. Negotiations between Finland and Thailand on this matter will continue.

Project Manager Pipa Turvanen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. 029 504 7226

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