Welcome to Finland, international experts and entrepreneurs

24.8.2023 8.30
Työministeri Satonen
Finland needs international workforce to respond to the labour market demand and the shortage of skilled employees. In order for international experts to come to work in Finland, our country must be able to attract and retain both employees and employers. 

Investments and the Western market replaced Russian energy - prices reflect the new reality

4.8.2023 12.13
Riku Huttunen in semi close-up pic
Riku Huttunen
Before Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, approximately one third of the energy used in Finland was imported from Russia. That share was reduced almost to zero in a few months, and the energy war launched by Russia increased consumer prices remarkably. As the energy markets have changed, it is the time to look how Russian energy was replaced and what more permanent effects trade changes will have, writes Director General Riku Huttunen in his column.

Getting rid of Russian energy: the EU must act prudently and take logical steps

13.5.2022 12.07
Riku Huttunen
The European Council has stated that the EU will work to get rid of its dependence on Russian energy as soon as possible. Decisions on sanctions and trade diversion are topical. Long-term investments will be guided by, among other things, the EU's Fit for 55 package. In the coming weeks, there will be many far-reaching decisions on European energy policy.

Phasing out Russian energy will be gradual and require massive investments

9.3.2022 14.30
Ylijohtaja Riku Huttunen
Riku Huttunen
Euroopan komission 8.3.2022 julkaisema toimintasuunnitelma asettaa tavoitteeksi riippumattomuuden venäläisestä energiasta vuosikymmenen loppuun mennessä. Välittömästi voimme vaihtaa monien polttoaineiden toimittajaa. Pidempiaikainen muutos edellyttää kuitenkin suuria investointeja energia- ja teollisuuslaitoksiin sekä siirtoyhteyksiin. Samalla on hyväksyttävä muutoksen vaikutukset energiahintoihin, kirjoittaa ylijohtaja Riku Huttunen kolumnissa.

Transferring TE services to municipalities responds to calls to reform employment services

26.1.2022 9.53
Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen
Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen
Employment and economic development services (TE services) are set to be transferred to municipalities during 2024. The Government’s decision is related to its aim to raise the employment rate and to increase municipal responsibility for employment services. The reform will have a broad impact on the employees and duties of both TE Offices and municipalities.
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