Growth enterprises

A large proportion of all new jobs are created in growth enterprises. Both the OECD and the EU define a growth enterprise as a business that initially employs at least 10 people and in which the average annual growth in the number of employees over the next three years is more than 20 per cent. However, in everyday language, the term “growth enterprise” usually has a wider meaning.

Business Finland, ELY Centres, Finnvera plc Finnish Industry Investment Ltd provide public financing, expert and networking services for launching and developing business operations.

Business Finland provides extensive support for enterprises in their research and development work and helps them to grow and assists enterprises in their efforts to expand internationally. It provides enterprises with expert services in target countries and information about international markets.

ELY Centres provide different types of support and advice for enterprises at the establishment and start-up stage. ELY Centres seek and evaluate inventions and innovative ideas by private individuals and start-up enterprises and assist in the efforts to commercialise them.

Finnvera provides SMEs with working capital and export funding and helps in investments. It offers venture capital for new innovative enterprises. Finnish Industry Investment promotes the growth and internationalisation of enterprises by means of capital investments and through international networks.

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