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EU ministers responsible for employment and social affairs discuss the effects of the coronavirus epidemic on employment and the population

Ministry of Economic Affairs and EmploymentMinistry of Social Affairs and Health
Publication date 5.5.2020 8.46 | Published in English on 5.5.2020 at 10.17
Press release
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Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen and Minister of Social Affairs and Health Aino-Kaisa Pekonen will attend a video conference held on 5 May 2020 to discuss the EU’s strategy for exit and recovery from the coronavirus epidemic. The ministers will focus on measures to support the strategy in the employment and social affairs sectors.

The EU ministers responsible for employment and social affairs will meet via an informal video conference at the invitation of the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU. Finland was one of the member states requesting that this meeting be organised. Finland considers it important that member states coordinate their exit strategies.

At the meeting, ministers will report on national measures taken to mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus on the economy, the labour market and people. They will also present their views on EU-level measures to support recovery from the crisis. The Finnish ministers will emphasise an approach that takes into account both the wellbeing of people and skills and competence.

“We think it is extremely important that we prevent exclusion from the labour market and maintain citizens’ confidence in the future in this difficult situation,” says Minister of Employment Haatainen.

“When we prepare a recovery strategy for the EU, the wellbeing economy must play an important role. We must pay special attention to vulnerable groups and to the prevention of poverty. The EU also needs a mental health strategy,” says Minister of Social Affairs and Health Pekonen.


Liisa Heinonen, Senior Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 295 064 131
Veli-Mikko Niemi, Director-General, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, tel. +358 295 163 425

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