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Preparation of the Government’s employment measures is progressing as planned

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 17.1.2020 14.36 | Published in English on 17.1.2020 at 15.24
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Tuula Haatainen

The preparation of employment measures has progressed in line with the schedule set in the government budget session in September 2019. Key milestones this spring include the Government’s evening session at the end of January, and the spending limits discussion in April.

The tripartite working groups will submit their progress report to the government evening session on 29 January. In the spending limits discussion in April, the Government will outline the guidelines for measures to be presented at the autumn budget session. The objective is to identify measures corresponding to 30,000 decision-based employed persons in the autumn budget session.

“By the spending limits discussion, the Government will have a clear understanding of how sufficient the measures already in the pipeline or on the drawing board are in relation to the employment target,” Minister of Labour Tuula Haatainen commented in a press conference held on 17 January.

“Achieving our employment target requires efficient preparation and close cooperation between the ministries. Employment promotion is a large and complex matter, therefore we must have matching means to achieve it. Although I have the overall responsibility, this is by no means a matter to be handled by a single minister or ministry,” Minister Haatainen concluded.

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Tuula Haatainen
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