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From transformation to new growth

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
4.6.2018 9.21
Press release

The futures review of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment uses five themes to describe changes that are of key importance for prosperity and growth in Finland.

“The themes we selected reflect transformation that affects revenue logic, the ways we work, the ways public services are provided, energy systems, and urban systems in the new operating environment. They all have potential to generate growth. However, growth requires that Finland make some bold decisions on renewal,” Permanent Secretary Jari Gustafsson says.

“The scale of the five themes and transformations is great and global, and solutions will require closer collaboration both within the public administration and between the public and private sectors. With our futures review, we invite all ministries to invest in sustainable growth,” Gustafsson says.

Global economic trends and technological transitions will continue to influence Finland’s economic development in the forthcoming government terms. This is reflected in the transformation of economic value chains, as new technologies challenge the traditional revenue models of companies and citizens. It is also reflected in the ways the traditional labour market roles are transforming.

Climate change will accelerate the energy transition to renewable, low-emission energy sources. This will create new exports and internationalisation possibilities for Finnish energy technology companies. Urbanisation will continue, and it will affect the counties’ development and their roles as engines of growth. These are some of the change factors underlying the five themes of the futures review of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

“Futures work does not involve predicting what will happen in the future; instead, it serves to help prepare for different paths of change and to examine present-day decisions with a critical eye in the light of these potential changes,” Permanent Secretary Gustafsson says.

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