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Working life diversity guide and company coaching to help create diverse work communities 

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 7.4.2022 11.46
Press release
The palms of people of different colours overlap.

An open and non-discriminatory workplace is in everyone’s interest: Finland needs more talent, and diverse teams strengthen the growth of companies and increase Finland’s attractiveness as a destination for investments. The guide and IMAGO coaching services targeted at companies, which are both part of the working life diversity programme, provide work communities practical advice on how to create and manage workplaces that are diverse, inclusive and accepting of all. 

Shortage of skilled labour is already an obstacle to growth in many sectors and areas. This is why Finland aims to significantly increase the immigration of skilled workforce and students. At the same time, however, studies show that immigrants often face discrimination in the labour market. 

The working life diversity programme, which is part of the Government Programme, highlights the benefits of diversity and offers practical tools for the management of more diverse work communities. Improving the employer image and workplace diversity are concrete tools that help attract and employ experts and enhance their commitment to the work community. 

“It is important to make even better use of everyone’s expertise. Studies show that diverse teams also have a positive impact on the growth and internationalisation of companies. The new guide and coaching programme offer practical advice that supports the recruitment of immigrants and the management of diverse work communities,” says Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen

Working life diversity guide compiles advice and guidance

The working life diversity guide published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment provides information, concrete models and tools for ways to promote diversity and inclusion at workplaces. The guide was produced by Nordic Diversity Trainers.

The guide will help employers in recruiting immigrants, either in Finland or from abroad. It also advises how to make employees committed to diverse work communities. This interactive guide serves both private and public employers by concretising the ways that in the light of studies work the best in supporting increasingly diverse work communities. 

Diversity strengthens employer image

Knowledge and skills in the management of diverse teams are also offered by the free IMAGE coaching service for companies, through which companies can strengthen their image as employers and receive practical advice on building diverse work communities. 

The coaching service available in spring and autumn 2022 consists of three afternoon events that will be implemented over two months. The themes to be covered include the foundations of a strong employer image and corporate culture, marketing that has an impact on finding and attracting talent, and the cornerstones of a successful recruitment process. 

The coaching will take place in cooperation between the TE Office, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and Aava & Bang. The coaches will be experts in communication, marketing and HR at Aava & Bang. 

Anna Bruun, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 295 048 254
Marjo-Riikka Utriainen, Coordinator, Pirkanmaa TE services, tel. +358 295 045 796

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