Social economy can create sustainable wellbeing in Finland and throughout Europe

12.1.2022 11.52
Kuvassa on työmarkkinaneuvos Tuija Oivo
Tuija Oivo
The European Commission wants to increase opportunities for a successful social economy in Europe. The Commission’s interest in the matter is based on the benefits that the social economy can bring for employment and the economy as a whole. The Commission published its action plan for the social economy on 9 December 2021.

Intelligence and artificial intelligence are key to improving labour market matching

23.11.2021 8.54
Picture of Elina Pylkkäsen.
Elina Pylkkänen
In the future more advanced solutions will be needed to enable more detailed data collection from jobseekers and to update the data on the number and specific descriptions of open vacancies in real time. Digital platforms and artificial intelligence could propose to us in a cost-effective way where to target our efforts.     
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