Roadmap for growth and renewal in Finnish tourism for 2015–2025

Finland’s new tourism strategy (roadmap for growth and renewal in Finnish tourism for 2015-2025) was presented in January 2015. The aim is to make Finland the number-one tourist destination in Northern Europe by 2025.

The strategic priority areas of the roadmap are as follows:

  • Strengthening theme-based co-operation between tourist centres and networks of tourism enterprises, as well as new openings in product development, sales and marketing
  • Developing competitive and comprehensive offerings from the interfaces of tourism and other fields
  • Increasing the effectiveness of marketing activities and making the travel services easier to buy
  • A competitive operational environment for tourism that supports growth and renewal
  • Easy accessibility

A number of different measures will be taken to promote the achievement of the objectives laid out in the roadmap. During the years 2015-2018 the following strategic projects supporting growth and renewal were funded with financial instruments in the administrative branch of MEAE:

  • Finrelax – Turning Finland into a top country of wellbeing tourism
  • Finnish Archipelago – Making the Finnish archipelago internationally known
  • Finland Stopover – making Finland a leading stopover country.

Further information: Sanna Kyyrä sanna.kyyra(at)