Tourism 4.0 Key Project – Fast Growth and Jobs From Tourism

In the mid-term policy review in spring 2017 the Government decided to add tourism into its action plan for 2017–2019.

The Tourism 4.0 action programme is a package of measures to promote the international growth and renewal of the Finnish tourism industry in 2018–2019. Additional funding amounting to EUR 16 million has been granted to the programme, and the implementation is supported by other funding as well.


The Tourism 4.0 action programme aims to ensure that the tourism industry continues to grow fast by investing in

Tourism marketing by

  • reinforcing Visit Finland’s greater region cooperation between the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Lapland, the lake region and the coast and archipelago region.
  • advancing the efforts to attract and activate foreign investments in Finland through marketing communications;
  • producing marketing material on nature tourism for the use of tourism businesses and organisations; and
  • developing the statistics on vacation cabin rentals.

Reinforcing the digital competence of tourism businesses by

  • providing corporate training to develop the competence of tourism businesses (Visit Finland Academies) and by facilitating the access of products into electronic channels (MyStay, e-manuals, etc.);
  • improving the content, coverage and accessibility of the and services;
  • promoting the infrastructural growth environment of digital business.

Developing year-round supply by

  • developing tourism products and service structures within the themes of nature tourism, health tourism, food tourism, culture tourism and sustainable tourism;
  • preparing an action programme to respond to the challenge of labour mismatch in the tourism industry; and
  • reviewing the impacts of moving school summer holidays on Finnish tourism industry.

The action programme will also contribute to reducing and smoothening the regulation, including in the organisation of events.


The Tourism 4.0 action programme has been prepared by several ministries, their administrative branches and the working group on tourism composed of business representatives.  The package of measures is implemented in collaboration between the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, which is also responsible for the coordination, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Education and Culture. Other ministries (such as the Ministry of Transport and Communications), are also committed to the implementation of the Government key project.

The Tourism 4.0 action programme promotes the implementation of the Roadmap for Tourism.

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