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Competitiveness ministers to discuss the EU economic situation from the perspective of internal market and green transition as well as openness of research

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 6.2.2023 8.44
Press release

The EU ministers responsible for competitiveness will meet at informal meetings in Stockholm in early February 2023. Thematically, the internal market and industrial policy meeting will focus on the ongoing debate on the EU economy and global competitiveness, especially as concerns the internal market and green transition. The research and innovation meeting will discuss research infrastructures and scientific publication.

The informal meeting of competitiveness ministers on 6–7 February will discuss internal market and industrial issues. Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen will represent Finland at the meeting. Research and innovation issues will be on the agenda at the meeting of 7–8 February where Finland will be represented by Ann-Mari Kemell, State Secretary to Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä. No decisions will be made at the informal meetings.

Internal market competition is key

At the internal market and industry meeting, the ministers will discuss the current state of the EU’s competitiveness, particularly with regard to state aid, green transition and a strong internal market. The ministers will exchange views on short-term measures and long-term objectives. These discussions will pave the way for the extraordinary European Council meeting to be held at the end of the same week. 

“We must ensure Europe’s competitiveness and select measures that will contribute to its competitiveness in the long term too. An accessible internal market that is open to competition is Europe’s strength. It is important that state aid from the Member States used to promote growth and the green and digital transitions is allocated in a way that provides a level playing field for all operators in the internal market,” Minister of Employment Haatainen says.

The Commission is currently in consultation with the Member States to increase the flexibility of state aid rules. 

Openness of research must be improved

At the innovation and research meeting, the ministers will discuss research infrastructures and scientific publication. The discussions will serve as a basis for the Council’s future conclusions on open science and scientific publication. 

“For the sake of our competitiveness, Europe must be an attractive place for research and innovation for both public and private operators. The openness of research must be improved because it promotes the quality, reliability and, above all, effectiveness of research,” State Secretary Kemell says.

Taru Löyttymäki, Senior Specialist, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, tel. +358 295 047 177

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