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EU meeting to discuss the single market and recovery from the coronavirus pandemic

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 18.9.2020 10.30
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EU ministers responsible for the internal market and industry will hold a video conference on 18 September 2020 to discuss ways to deepen the single market. In particular, the ministers will discuss how a stronger single market can support the EU’s recovery from the coronavirus crisis. Finland’s representative at the meeting is State Secretary Ville Kopra.

Developing the single market is one of the key objectives of Finland’s EU policy. A well-functioning single market benefits the EU as a whole and, in particular, an export-driven country like Finland.

“An efficient and innovative single market is an absolute necessity to ensure the recovery and growth of the EU in the longer term. Europe will be competitive in the future only if we invest in green growth, digitalisation, research and innovation,” State Secretary Ville Kopra says.

A well-functioning single market and compliance with its rules are even more important in exceptional circumstances, such as those caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In this kind of situations, it is even more vital to make sure that the distribution and supply chains work well.

During the coronavirus crisis temporary flexibilities have been introduced to the State aid rules of the EU. At the meeting Finland points out that these exceptions may not lead to permanent distortions on the single market.

The video meeting paves the way for the discussion on the single market, industrial policy and digitalisation at the European Council next week. Among the topics to be discussed by the EU leaders are how we can get back to a fully functioning single market as soon as possible after the crisis and how the remaining single market barriers can be removed especially in the service sector.


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