Practices encouraging innovation help enterprises to renew their operations

Finnish enterprises are encouraged to renew their operations by improving working life. The focus should be on introducing changes in operating practices based on workplace needs so that the productivity and well-being at work will improve.

Operating practices encouraging innovation are important for renewal in enterprises. In the use of employee-oriented innovation, the focus should be on systems, processes and practices that support more extensive employee participation in innovation at company level. Best innovations often lead to new products, services and operating practices.

The long-term competitiveness of enterprises increasingly depends on the knowledge and competence that they possess. Investments in intangible assets are the prime sources of productivity and economic growth. In such cases, the focus should be on organisational structures, values, work culture and work atmosphere, business models and networks.

Good management helps to improve productivity

In enterprises, important knowledge and competence have a human dimension; they are connected with the skills and motivation of the personnel and company-internal trust. Management based on in-depth understanding of the human dimension generates a sustainable competitive advantage and high productivity. In such an approach, the personnel are seen as added value, and initiative, creativity and commitment of the employees becomes a resource.

Digitalisation poses a challenge to organisational structures and operating practices. In a knowledge-intensive economy, organisation of work in relation to place and time changes and digitalisation means easier linking of things and phenomena, which creates opportunities for new types of business.

Funding for developing business operations, organisation and management can be sought through Tekes.

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