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Digitalisation and transformation of work pose new demands on integration measures – Nordic countries to share best practices at ministerial meeting  

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Publication date 7.12.2021 10.07
Press release
Children of different colours in front of computers in study.

Digitalisation, new forms of working, growing skills requirements and demographic change require an even better integration policy. The Nordic ministers responsible for integration will discuss integration at a virtual meeting organised by Finland in its role as President of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

At the informal meeting, the Nordic ministers will discuss the latest issues on integration in the different countries. The ministers will also discuss the effects of the transformation of work and digitalisation, based on two reports published by the Nordic Council of Ministers: The Future of Work in the Nordic Countries and Digital Transformations of Traditional Work in the Nordic Countries. 

The rapid advance of automation and digitalisation requires additional skills from everyone, both in everyday life and in the labour market. Low- and intermediate-level jobs are disappearing while the number of high-skilled jobs is growing. This means that employees are required to have better language and communication skills and to master abstract thinking and problem-solving.  

We need to make sure that everyone is on board

More attention must also be paid to digital skills and education in the development of integration. Furthermore, digitalisation also offers an opportunity to improve integration services, provided the potential of technology can be properly exploited. 

“With a successful integration policy, we can keep everyone involved in the transformation, and harness technology to improve services. The ministerial meeting is an excellent opportunity to hear what kind of solutions individual Nordic countries have found to promote integration,” says Minister of Employment Tuula Haatainen, representing Finland. 

Successful integration supports competitiveness 

A virtual conference to be held in connection with the meeting will discuss how successful integration supports the Nordic countries’ competitiveness and traditionally strong social equality. The ministerial conference and accompanying conference will be held on 7–8 December 2021. 

The informal ministerial meeting will be attended by the ministers responsible for the integration from the Nordic countries and the autonomous territories. At the virtual conference associated with the meeting, integration experts, digitalisation specialists,  companies, and representatives of labour market organisations will exchange ideas.

Anna Bruun, Ministerial Advisor tel. +358 295 048 254
The Future of Work in the Nordic countries report
Digital Transformations of Traditional Work in the Nordic Countries report

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